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I want to thank you for visiting my website. I’ve always had a love for teaching. This is what drew me to online marketing. This and becoming a born again Christian, established the current direction of my life. I want to do unto others as I would have them to do unto me. So teaching others the ins and outs of affiliate marketing is my one great passion


Growing up I always dreamt of doing something great. But that’s what it was simply a dream. I finished high school and decided I wanted to help people with emotional problems. I had gone through some dark times and got over them and wanted to help others get over theirs.

Not having a lot of money or a scholarship I took the circular route of first going to a community college and then transferring to a state college. I commuted to cut down on costs while working a part-time job. I major in Psychology, intending to become a Psychologist. It was during my senior year in college when I had an encounter with the Living God. I became aware of His Existence and learned He wanted to have a relationship with me. My whole world view point changed. The study of the human mind didn’t seem so important after this revelation. I finished college but was no longer interested in becoming a Psychologist.

I continue with my part-time work at a Photo Finishing Plant in New England. Then applied for a supervisor job and was hired, eventually moving to warehouse supervisor. Many hats were included. In addition to being supervisor of the warehouse with employees under me, I also did account’s receivables and all the ordering of materials for the plant except the chemicals. If you needed a particular material, everyone learned you contact Lee and if he couldn’t find it for you, he would order it.


I loved my job, but after a couple of years I began to grow restless. It was then I saw a notice to teach in our church bulletin. I first tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t. I went to prayer and asked God if he was pointing me in this direction. I did love to teach, but never taught on a professional teaching level and was scared. The urge to answer that call would not leave me. I applied and told them I had no teaching experience and if they could use me, then I would be willing.

A couple of weeks before school was to start, I was called into the principle’s office and told I was going to take over the Learning Center. The Center helped students who had fallen behind. And so began my journey into the world of teaching. Strangely this job only lasted 1 year. I felt the call once again, this time to go to Bible College. It was a specific Bible College in Tulsa, OK. So I applied and was accepted and moved to Oklahoma. I spent 2 years there and graduated. I came back home and was led to leave my church for another one. They also had a church school there, like my last church. The wife of the Pastor, ran the church school and asked if I would become a teacher there. I said yes and for the next 8 years I taught at that school.

The school eventually closed down for lack of students. I then got a job as a home health Aide for Hospice. This helped fulfilled my passion for helping people and also some teaching was involved. I worked at that for a few years when I purchased a computer. Slowly I became aware that one could make money on the internet. This eventually led to affiliate marketing.


I’ve never lost my passion for teaching and helping people. It is my desire to teach anyone who comes to this website the principles of affiliate marketing. The principles you learn here can be applied anywhere in numerous niches and marketing systems. You want to learn the basics to create a firm foundation.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Lee Kania


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