Contenu Review

Contenu is the newest instant content to hit the market. This one has a twist though. It not only gets you instant content that you can post, but at the same time posts your content to a social network that pays you for content.

It gets the instant content by extracting it from Youtube videos. It does this by translating the audio portion into text. You may have to work on the article after it has been posted to make sure it’s unique. But it beats come up with content from scratch.

Now how to you get paid? The first way is the old fashion way from your website posts and good old SEO. If you extract affiliate video reviews, you can have your affiliate links at the end of the posts and hopefully make sales. You can also add adsense and banners for more revenue. But the chief way you make money is by a site called Paypost which is a new unquie social network that pays for your content. A young lady named Helen was all the rage last year when she reported you could make money with your content posting to this social network. She was making $900 a week. So it wasn’t chump change.

Does this actually all work? Yes and no is the short answer. No program is perfect and neither is Contenu. I’ve had mixed results trying to extract posts from video sources. Sometimes I’m only able to get half of the audio for some reason. The posts sometimes don’t make any sense. So you must almost rewrite it from scratch. But you do get successful posts where there is almost no rewriting to do and can post as is. Although you should get yourself a program that can check for uniqueness to stay out of google jail or get in trouble with Paypost.

Like all programs you are going to have to work it and if you stay at it, I believe you will have success. Success measured in monetary gains. The longer you work at something, usually the better you get at it. So is it worth spending the $27? I personally think it is, but you will have to decide for yourself.

There are a few OTO’s which are norm for the course. They have a pro version, so you can post unlimited times during the month. But I found the limited posts I got with core version adequate. They also offer a re-seller OTO. There are 3 different re-seller packages. Should you opt for that? If you have a subscriber list or know how to use paid traffic it might be well worth it. The one OTO I got and you might consider is a DFY feature. They will set up a blog for you on their hosted sight and connect you to the social network that pays for content. I have already received some money into my Paypal account. It wasn’t earth shaking money but it was something. If you don’t have the time or patience, that might be a route to go.

Contenu Review

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