Is “The Freedom Shortcut” a Scam or Real? Warning!

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The Freedom Shortcut opportunity as the title implies, is attempting to convince us that shortcuts or the slang expression “hacks” are a way to acquire quick riches.

A shortcut appeals to our lazy and in some cases desperate natures. Most people if given the chose will almost always choose an easier route over a tougher one. This is human nature..

I also mentioned the word desperate. Again, most individuals come online looking for ways to make a quick buck. Why? They often are in desperate financial situations. Either they are in debt or just lost a job and will be in debt if they don’t make money fast. People in these situations are easy pickings from the over hype Puppet masters

So with the above statements in mind I’ will attempt to give The Freedom Shortcut opportunity an honest review.

The Freedom Shortcut

  • Name: The Freedom Shortcut
  • Website:
  • Price: $49 ~ $1,000+
  • Strategy:   Internet marketing
  • My Score: 5 Stars out of 10

The Sales Presentation

The Freedom Shortcut video put up all kinds of red flag warnings for me. The sales presentation was very short on business details, but majored on the fairy story of getting unbelievably wealthy very quickly.

And there was the usual rags to riches story. I don’t mean to come off cynical, but if you understand a little about marketing hype. The seller wants you to identify with them as an everyday person. Just like a politician who tries to identify with the common person while in reality living a lavish life style. Professional Internet marketers want to relate the same way.

The Freedom Shortcut in short is using the typical fairy stories to get you to open up your wallet to invest. The owner himself mentions being in the business 10 years. Some shortcut? I will give them some points, as they do have a $1 trial before you have to commit to paying $49. So at least you can look around a few days before committing.

What is The Freedom Shortcut?

The Freedom Shortcut program offers you training in the form of video marketing courses. They include with this support, telephone coaching calls and a few marketing tools. But while these coaching calls do offer support, they are also used as a means to get you to purchase higher ticket products.

These so called short cuts are nothing new under the sun. It always comes down to traffic. Normally Free traffic takes more time and Paid traffic is your short cut to making money faster. But this comes with a much bigger risk.

How Exactly Does The Freedom Shortcut Work?

The main entry level product costs currently $49. What does this get you? The main video course of 6 Steps to Freedom. Access to a Private Master Group and one on one coaching. And a bonus book called New Money Playbook.

The main gripe I have against The Freedom Shortcut is with the one on one coaching. You would think this would be a good thing. But in this case these coaches are used to encourage you to buy higher ticket products. Who will mainly benefit by this? Your sponsor.

But in turn after paying thousands of dollars, you will then be eligible to collect these higher commissions. But your success will depend how well you can recruit, so these same coaches can talk your affiliates into purchasing higher ticket prices. Are you good at recruiting?

Here’s an example. I know a couple who are highly successful. I will not mention their names to protect them. They are promoting The Freedom Shortcut program to their extensive down line. No doubt they will prosper with this program, as they do will almost every program they promote.

It’s very easy to promote anything when you have a ready made subscriber’s list, that you have built a relationship with. This is not sour grapes on my part, but just reality of how things work on the internet. Many times it’s a case of the rich getting richer, while the poor, who don’t have these ready made connections, getting poorer.

Many Email Subscribers
Email Subscribers

My Conclusion

Listening to their sales video, we hear testimonies of people making thousands of dollars within days. Are they lying? I would never accuse anyone of that without proof.

As I related in my above paragraph, we know nothing about these individuals? Do they have a list of subscribers? If not a list, maybe thousands of FB friends? Considering scenarios like these, it’s possible they could get a number of people, looking to make money online, to sign up under them and upgrade as well to the higher ticket products?

The question is, do you think you could recruit a large number of people into this program? If not I suggest you pass on this. Spending thousands of dollars on a program that may or not work for you is extremely risky.

I’m not calling it a scam. That is a serious charge and the owners could be criminally prosecuted if it was. But I do believe they are guilty of misrepresenting their product about how easy it is to make money from it. While I do believe the right kind of marketers, who first could financially afford to spend large amounts of money and 2nd are successful recruiters, may prosper with this type of opportunity. I suggest the average marketer stay away.

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How I Make Money Online Including My #1 Recommended Program

Currently I’m making about $1000/month. Some months I make more and some less, but the average is the above figure. I’m chiefly an affiliate marketer and have a small subscriber list. I’m always on the look out for good marketing tools and money making opportunities. I feel I owe a duty to my subscribers to bring them quality products and not junk.

This is why I feel I’m qualified to give an honest, analytical review, because this is what I chiefly do all day. Rate online marketing tools and make money online opportunities in order to bring the best ones to my subscribers.

I’m currently involved in my number 1 rated recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate. Please don’t be fooled by the title. I know it sounds a little hypey. But that’s exactly what it is not in reality. It’s one of the most grounded training for affiliate marketers I’ve come across.

This is a step by step training on how to build a website, attract visitors and earn a passive income. It is the closest thing I’ve seen to a legitimate college course for professional affiliate marketers.

They take you step by step through the course and assign you homework after each teaching. This way you apply what you’ve learn.

As far as support, I’ve never seen such levels of support. Now only from the administration, but the general body of members. Which number over a million. Yes, you read that right, over a million members.

And they’re not some overnight sensation. They’ve been plodding along since 2008, when Wealthy Affiliate was created. So you can be sure they’re not going anywhere. They have dug in deep roots in the online internet community.

I confess, I ‘ve only been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 2 months. I’ve only made a few dollars in commissions. But as I go through the training and apply it’s principles, I believe I’m building an ever increasing, yet steady income.

I hope to follow in the same steps as my sponsor. He’s been with Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years and his income is currently between $4K-6K per month.

He shared with me, by the end of his first year, he was making about $1000 per month. His second year, $2000 per month and so on. Each year he increased his earnings by $1000 per month. His goal is to make $10,000 per month. This would give him a six figure yearly income.

I have no doubt he will attain that figure. Not bad for a college drop out. From my perspective he really didn’t drop out of college, just changed schools. He attended the Wealthy Affiliate University. Keep in mind most of his income is passive. Even if he stopped working for a month the income would keep coming in because it is reoccurring.

It is free to join Wealthy Affiliate and your allowed to take the first 10 lessons at no charge, so you can decide if this is something for you. There is no pressure to upgrade, because it’s understood, this might not be your cup of tea. It either resonates with you or it doesn’t.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo
My #1 Recommended Online Affiliate Training

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of The Freedom Shortcut and my #1 Recommended program.

I pray for many blessings in your life.

Lee I’m from Springfield, MA, the home where the game of Basketball was invented. I was a teacher in a Private Christian School for several years. When the school closed it’s doors, I turn to the internet to supplement my retirement benefits. My main reason for earning a steady, passive income is not only to take care of my family needs, but to give back to many worth while charities such as Operation Rescue, a local charity that houses and feeds the homeless. As a Christian I take to heart the teachings of Jesus Christ, who said that it’s more blessed to give then receive.

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